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Leonid the Magnificent The Official site


The Alternative Entertainment featured here are
"Leonid the Magnificent" & "Amazing Leonid" & "Entertainment Sensation"

Леонид Великолепный , Лёня Великолепный,

Леонид Филатов   

"I'm sure not all people understand and approve of what I do and how I look, but this is art.  ... Art never teaches, it only shows or reflects our dreams or thoughts. Art helps people think, look inside themselves, make a choice, or become intrigued... , but art never commands people what to do. Art has no rules. Art has feelings, and real art touches peoples' hearts and brains. .. "                                      - Leonid the Magnificent



  Welcome to my new Website!!!!


Premiere !!! Leonid the Magnificent Official new music video "Over and Over"

New music video of Leonid the Magnificent "LEILA"

music and lyric Valentina Jofe, directed by Roman Rodin and Taras Kardashov


Leonid the Magnificent "YES OR NO"          

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Leonid the Magnificent in London 2011

   all about event

Leo-Leopatra and Valentina Iofe
Fashion 2011, NYC

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New song "I am Leo Leo Leo the Magnificent !"                      New Song video                             Leonid the Magnificent in Moscow        

America's Fot Talent, Season 6

Leonid the Magnificent on radio POZITIV,  June 2011, NY USA

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Coming on Broadway soon...

 We are proud to present our new cabaret-comedy show

"Simply Magnificent!"
On the Main Stage at the Broadway Comedy Club, New York City
"Simply Magnificent" is a show that celebrates the joy and freedom of life.
It is vaudeville madness featuring "Leonid The Magnificent", the glamourous, controversial, underground celebrity  and Lucio Fernandez a.k.a. "The Cuban Kid", a romantic and remarkably funny character.
These two "showmen" compete to share the spotlight on the stage.
With high energy, dazzling and sexy showgirls, it all melts into a unique cocktail of circus, song, dance, and stand-up comedy. All that in amazing lavish and unforgettable costumes. This is absolutely new from what NYC may offer audiences today. It is a show not to be missed!!!
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Leonid the Magnificent Funny Bunny                           Leonid the Magnificent as Host for Secret, Las Vegas                           Leonid the Magnificent as host for Night Clubs

  New song                            New Promo 2010                         Light Hoops
Leo Magnificent           Leo-Leopatra and Leonid the Magnificent 2010             The best hoops act in the World by Leonid the Magnificent
Leonid in Helsinki 2010 

Leonid the Magnificent in Helsinki, Finland 


Metropolitan Opera 2009                                                                                         Russian TV Network
Vredi's "Il Trovatore"                                                                                              RTN "Contact" 02.23.09
Leonid as a Gipsy...

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DOS EQUIS TOUR 2008 USA                                              Happy Birthday Senator                                                       Avraam Rousso concert
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Dancing with a Star 2                                                                 "Summer Party" 2008                                                              Dancing with a Star 1
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         The above is a new UK fan-site created by Maddie Lyons from UK, and launched on Sep1,07. In case you're unaware, Leonid is very very well received in the UK and in Europe, and this UK fansite is just further evidence. Even before coming to America, Leonid has already performed in many major European cities as well as India & Japan, sent by the Russian government to represent the best of Russian talents. And since being named 'Entertainment Sensation' on America's Got Talent 1, he has appeared as Special Guest Star on Greece's Got Talent in their inaugural show in March 2007. Who knows where he will go next?!? Those who're really in the game know that Leonid is the perfect accoutrement who can give that top-of-the-cool cutting-edge to their show..
For those of you who've also got lots of love for Leonid and hidden talents to show the world, why not join in the fun and create a Leonid-fansite of your own?? You can be making history in the process!

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     ...I just found out he can really write well.
     And Leonid's writing is genuinely heartfelt and full of deep thought and feelings. He expresses himself quite well. And gives advice that I myself, perhaps, should take.  
     I figured out that since reading it made me cry, he had touched my heart and what he said, I should listen to.
     "If you meet an angel or have an angel in your life, try to keep him or her close to you, don't push the angel away because you may lose the happiness in your life forever"
     I have an angel in my life and I will keep him close to me.  ...

 Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC, Leonid the Magnificent, August 16-th,       2006.   

VIDEO           RECAP        

  Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel, Leonid Filatov 

Jay Leno Late Night Show on NBC                          RECAP

From creator.

 To Maddie Lyons - creator of "Leonid The Magnificent UK", & " Leonid The Magnificent Fandom"-creator of "The Official  Leonid The Magnificent Fanclub"- 
   I'm still trying to find the words to convey my deepest appreciation and congratulations for the launch of these amazing  fansites of Leonid The Magnificent in the Unated Kingdom,
 Canada and Russia.  I am especially touched by the love and passion for Leonid that's behind this, your creative talents that's being displayed, and I'm sure all who visit these sites will share this feeling. 

  I am very proud of these sites, I wish you all the best with it and in your personal and professional life as well.

Taras Kardashov
Director/ Manager of Leonid the Magnificent & Leo-Leopatra show

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Leonid for Dos Equis "The Most Interesting Show in the Worl"  Fall 2008  
Dancing with a STAR 1  ABC  2008
Leonid 's  interview  for " New York Post" and " Entertainment tonight" 2008

April 2008 Nov9: NEW PICS, Video!!! "..world renowned" Leonid The Magnificent performs in Beacher's Madhouse in episode filmed for hit A&E TV show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels"

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