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Leonid the Magnificent, World Conference

Washington DC 03. 2012


Leonid the Magnificent in London

London, UK 02. 21012


 Leonid the Magnificent &Filatov in Metropolitan Opera "Il Travatore"
New York , 02.16.2009
In the Scottish director David McVicar’s production of “Il Trovatore,” now having its debut at the Metropolitan Opera,  the second-act “Anvil Chorus” has been given a choreographic dimension.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Sandra Radvanovsky, Marcelo Alvarez, Dolora Zajick
Leonid The Magnificent Filatov and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, back stage, Metropolitan Opera, NY 03. 13. 09

GALA - Concert JCC, Staten Island NY 03. 12. 09
Leonid the Magnificent Filatov and Assemlywoman Janele Hyer Spencer



Taras Kardashov and Assamblywoman                    Taras Kardashov and Boris Tenzer Russian Network Television
Janele Hyer Spenser


 New York State Senator Carl Kruger's birthday
 Avraam Rousso and Leonid the Magnificent
"Haven" New York 12.09.2008




Leonid the Magnificent and New York State Senator Clark Kruger         Taras Kardashov and New York State Senator Carl Kruger
Leonid the Magnificent&Filatov, Mariella and Avraam Rousso, and Taras Kardashov



Novenber 29, 2008 Solo concert of Avraam Russo
Theatre " Millenium", Brighton Beach, New York
 Avraam Russo and Taras Kardashov
more about concert

Leonid the Magnificent in "TAO" night club 2-nd Anniversary, Venetian Casino, Las Vegas, 11.10.2007








Exotic Erotik Expo & Ball
in San Francisco "Cow Palace" Arena, 10. 27. 2007




Howard Mauskopf

Leonid's Birthday 10. 24. 2007 New York City









 People naming their cats after Leonid the Magnificent

October 13 th, 2007  CFA (Cat Fancier's Association)  http://www.cfainc.org/ Cat Championship 2007  http://www.cfa-iams-cat-championship.org/ at Madison Square Garden, New York

Leonid the Magnificent and his administrator/ back stage manager Marina before the cat show

Helene Schneider-Hester holds "Leonid the Magnificent", a Russian Blue that competed at this year's CFA competition. This cat's sire,
 Evgeni Plushenko, won Best Cat at this championship last year. Helene is an accomplished cat-breeder of 20 years specializing in Russian Blues. She runs the Roxanastasia Cattery http://www.roxanastasia.com/contact.html
   Both cat and owner were thrilled
to see the REAL Leonid the Magnificent who was specially invited to visit his new little friend and Helene before the competition.


Leonid and "Syracoon's Piece of my Heart"  


Interview for New York Post  after the show


 Wedding October 10, 2007, New York



-Leonid the Magnificent and Leo-Leopatra in San Francisco, July 21, 2007


-It was a real pleasure to perform for people who love me and present me with this huge bouquet of amazing red roses by the end of the show. I love it, love it, love it...    Moments like these are unforgetable.

Big Thank you for Nelya Srulovich- coordinator&designer. www.SFAmazingEvents.com
Leonid The Magnificent in San Francisco, 2007

- America's Got Talent 2, NBC   July 2007

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Leonid The Magnificent in Las Vegas, 2007

Jerry Springer, Leonid the Magnificent and his showgirls, AGT2 , NBC, 05. 2007

Leonid shooting for NBC and "Access Hollywood" on Fifth Avenue
New York








Leonid the Magnificent shooting for "World Podium" magazine, Atlantic City,
06. 07

photos by Roman Rodin



-TV show "Greece's Got Talent ", special guest, Athens, Greece,
03, 28.07

        photos from     http://www.elladaexeistalento.gr/talent/0,5091,156692,00.aspx 





-Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC, Leonid the Magnificent
, August 16 and 25. 

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-TV show "OLA-7", Athens, Greece, 03. 2007


New York
Uma Thurman, Leonid the Magnificent, Taras Kardashov, Elena, KathyUma Thurman, Leonid the Magnificent, Taras Kardashov, Elena, Kathy, "The Box", New York, 12. 17. 06

-"THE NEW YORKER " WNYY-TV35  Live TV variety talk show    03. 07. 2007 NYC

, America's Got Talent 1, NBC  June- August 2006



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"Victoria Secret from hell...




Leonid the Magnificent
before shooting on NBC, Los Angeles, Hollywood, 08. 09. 06

Leonid the Magnificent workout, Los Angeles

Gary Gold and Taras Kardashov before America's Got Talent, NBC, Paramount,

Taras Kardashov and Dmitriy Vinokurov, New York

Taras Kardashov and Dmitriy Vinokurov
  Runaway show Wella, Astoria  Waldorf Hotel, New York 10, 08. 2006

Edgewater, NJ, April 22-nd, 2006

Leonid Filatov was nominated as Extravagant Artist of the Year.  Leonid Filatov, Emilio Del Valle-Founder & CEO, Rafael Palacios-President of Premio Arte Comite

, NEW YORK, March 26. 2006

Aimal Arbab as GANESH (Hindu God) and Leonid the Magnificent

-Book "Lotsa de Casha" signing by MADONNA
, New York City, June 8-th, 2005

Andrew Vinokurov, MADONNA, Penny England

-Midway Casino, Delaware 04.02.2006

Taras Kardashov and Rey Reneri

Leonid Filatov and MINI "KISS", Ocean Drive magazine's 13-th anniversary celebration Miami "Mansion" 02.1.2006


Leonid the Magnificent-Filatov "Wild Hula-hoops"Leonid Filatov in Krave Las Vegas  at the "Krave" night club, Las Vegas Strip



To benefit the fight against Lou Cehrig's Desease "V" theater at the Aladdin casino Las Vegas 02.17.2006

Leonid Filatov and George Wallace  at the Aladdin, Las Vegas

Ilona Europe and Leonid the MagnificentIlona Europa and Leonid Filatov at the "V" theater , Alladin casino Las vegas       

Leonid Filatov and Jeff Hobson -comedy magician, "V"theater at the Aladdin casino Las Vegas

Leonid and Greg Willson

-SOLO CONCERT TAMARICO DAVITASHVILI  and "Leo-Leopatra" in February 5-th, 2006  at 2-00 pm at the "Millennium" theater, Brighton Beach, New York    tickets

Taras Kardashov and show "Leo-Leopatra" "Millennium" theater, New York 02.05.2006

Tamrico Davitashvili and Taras KardashovTamrico Davitashvili and Taras Kardashov, solo concert Tamrico at the "Millennium" theater, New York 02.05.2006

Leonid Filatov Poker play in Las VegasLeonid the Magnificent-Filatov is playing poker at the Vince Neil's "Off The Strip" Charity Poker Tournament, Hard Rock Casino 11.11.2005

Leonid the Magnificent-Filatov and Leah Neil at the "Celebrity Poker" TV , Charity Event Benefiting the TJ Martell Foundation, Las Vegas 11.11.2005

Krave nignt club Las Vegas    Leonid The Magnificent and Aleksey "Man from Russia" in Krave night club Las Vegas 11.05.2005 

Luca Dicorso and Taras KardashovLuca Dicorso and Taras Kardashov in Krave night club Las Vegas, 11.05.2005

Leonid The Magnificent and Krave's dancersLeonid The Magnificent and Krave's dancers  11.05.2005 Las Vegas, Nevada


Leonid and "Tina Turner"Leonid the Magnificent- Filatov in "Key" night club, Los Angeles ,California

Entertainment Expo 2005 Las VegasEntertainment Expo 2005   in October 26, 2005 at the Golden Nugget Hotel Casino (Downtown) Las Vegas. Nevada 

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