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             Leonid the Magnificent Hava-Nagila

Hava Nagila - a traditional favorite
Leonid The Magnificent & Leo-Leopatra perform at a jewish wedding & bar-mitzvah, Aug 2007. An unusual glimpse of Leonid celebrating traditional festivities that extol the deep values of faith and family.
Leonid the Magnificent Hava-Nagila 





Leonid The Magnificent Speaks Out
Interview by Sheila Franklin
Published: September 18, 2006

Here is the long-awaited interview we promised you Traderites from Leonid the Magnificent. Leo’s English is rather broken, but I didn’t want to change his endearing qualities by editing too much. I have only corrected the minimal amount. I think this gives you a much better idea of who Leo is and how he projects himself. Ya gotta love Leo. He is fascinating, incredibly open, honest, and (mostly) uncut.

How did you find out about America’s Got Talent?

It was easy. I live in Brooklyn NY. And in the NYC we have (a) newspaper for art, where they print all info about auditions, shows, and upcoming events. Most of the time all (the) jobs that I had like a performer I get from this newspaper.

Why did you want to audition?

I am already after 30 (years old). And like every artist I wanted to be well known. And this show was exactly what I needed. Believe me, I tried everything to get attention from productions, agents, and TV shows. I send thousands of videos to all channels, but no one (except Jay Leno) were interested in my kind of style. After 6 years trying to get attention from a network, finally, (a) network create(d) the show that needed circus acts, comedy acts, and more.

How did they notify you that you had been accepted?

After (my) audition in NYC (by the way, I was standing in the line for two days, first day from 8 am and second day from 6 am to get 3 minute spot to show my skills and costumes), I got a call and got (an) offer to try one more audition in LA in the studio in front of judges. That’s when you saw me like an angel with a sword and knife.

Did you ever meet any of judges or Regis before the actual show?

No. It was (the) first time when I saw them in real life. And like a contestant, I cannot talk to them, or ask them anything behind the stage. It was two different worlds. Stars and ours...

Do you think you were treated fairly?

I am crazy on the stage, but not stupid. I knew exactly how I look and what I am doing. Let’s see. How to explain that? How many chances did I have to win ($)1,000,000?

1) This is America. I am a Russian emigrant, with terrible English (sure, this is (a) country where we all emigrants, only Native Americans (are) real citizens,) but most people forget it and they think if I was not born here, I am not (a) real USA citizen.

2) I have (an) alternative style of life. Only 10% of (the) people are gay people.

3) What is the most popular style of art right
now? Singers. I think that’s enough to realize, and say ”bye bye, money”.

4) Even if they like(d) me they had to kick me out. I was too provocative, too controversial for national TV. To be totally honest. I am very surprise(d) how far I went on this show.

I know I am doing suicide on the stage, but I just wanted to be like this ’cause it’s who I am, and damn I was good! And I made a lot of people laugh; that was the point. To make people laugh, ‘cause when we smile we can’t hate.

What is better? To be like others, circus performers, and disappear after (a) few times without any memory in the future? Or be extravagant, crazy, fresh, hip, new, provocative, and make people think and talk about you? I was only three times on TV every time around 3 - 4 min. That is all! I took a risk, I knew it was my last chance to be seen by millions and I used it. And I have no sorrow about what I did. Only one thing (is) bothering me, that I had no chance to show my other act that I prepared for finale. That was a real surprise... that was a bomb.

Treated fairly? I don’t know. Yes I think I deserve(d) (a) better judgment, but it’s only my opinion, and like every one I believe that I am the one! The only! The best! Like no one other! It’s a natural. We are all spoiled and we all think that we are the best one but there’s always somebody better, cuter, younger, and sexy, wherever they are.

Did you get paid for your appearances?

Oh no. I wish I did, cause I spend too much money on my costumes and when the show was taping for more than 2 months I had no work. So right now I have to cover all my expenses and thank God we have credit cards! Even if they’re over the limits. I got only one unofficial title that they put in my clip in the finale show, “entertainment sensational”. That was very kind.

How has your life changed since your appearance?

It’s too hard to say, some people recognize me on the street. I got a lot of e-mails from total strangers who say good luck and we hope to see you again. In my stage (of) life I need to take some time to see where it will go. It may be my first step onto a celebrity life, it may be my last step. Right now I just have to wait and see what will be coming next. It’s an art; you never know. Passion and passion....

Any other comments?

Yes. I got very surprised. I didn’t want to tell it to the judges, cause some people may think that I just tried to get (a) better spot in the show. But right now when it’s over, I think it’s not a big deal. From my first appearance on America’s Got Talent I started to get strange
e-mails where people ask me what to do and how (to) react in different situations. I (will) just give you four examples without names and towns.

One lady wanted to have a piercing in her nose, but she was sure that it will make a scandal. She will be in trouble and all will look at her like she is a “party girl”. After she saw me (a total stranger on TV) she did it. And she feels so happy and yes, there was talk around her for a few days, but then all went back to normal. No one really cares about it.

The other, an older lady, did not laugh for two years. She lost her husband who was a sick man and after 5 days she was diagnosed with cancer. For 2 years nothing cheered her up. Lonely, single, 55 (year old) lady. No children, only memories. Her husband loved
art and they all the time went to see many different shows, classic music concerts, ballet, art galleries, and when he was gone, she got cancer. Life lost interest for her. What a surprise it was for me to get a thanks letter from that lady who laughed to tears watching me. I don’t know, maybe she (is) just crazy, but anyway she got a smile.

This is one (is) from a man. Normal regular man after 40, who is totally normal and straight; he has a good family. Two children, boy and girl. Beautiful wife to whom he loves. So why (did) this man write to me?

He get(s) scared, they live in a small town and he doesn’t know anybody to talk to that his son may be a gay. He loves him, but he doesn’t know how to talk to him. He is scared. And he see how his son (is) different from other boys and how hard (it is) to understand him. He asked me what to do. He has nobody to talk about it, even with his wife they try to avoid this problem.

This was a letter from people who came to the USA (a) few years ago. They all were somebody in their countries. Teachers, doctors, designers, lawyers. They got here like me (a) few years ago and they have a very hard time right now to make money for a living. Some of them go to the colleges, some of them work, but sometimes they feel like no one understand(s) them, that their talent and skills (are) not needed here. After the show they get feelings (that) if they will still continue to work hard and don’t give up, they will get a good job and respect from people. They call me a “Cinderella man”. Some of them told me if even (a) person like me gets into so high (a) level with out any support, they can do the same in their own life. Watching me they get hope that one day they will be OK. That everything is possible

I don’t know. Maybe all (these) e-mails are a fake, maybe not. But people (are) asking for help, they just wanted to share what problems they have, some of them small and funny, others big and difficult. And they looking for answers and some of them (are) asking me. And these feelings that they ask me (about), (a) total stranger, clown, man who has broken English for an answer makes me feel like a winner. That is it.

And one more, (I am) sure not all people understand and approve (of) what I did and how I look, but this is an art. I didn't ask audience (to) be like me, or copy me, or take it like a style of life. I just show them and let them see it, think about it, and decide (for) themselves what they like and whatnot. The art never teach(es), it only show(s) or reflects our dreams or thoughts. The art helps people think, look inside them(selves), make a choice, get worried, but art never command(s) people what to do.

Art has no rules. Art has feelings, and real art touch(es) peoples’ heads and brains. Make(s) people feel good or sad, or even bad and uncomfortable. Somebody loves Pop-music, some others love a ballet. It only depends on taste and personalities of viewers.

Where can your fans get in touch with you?

Leonid’s Home Page

Thanks Leo, you are truly Magnificent.

Hope it's enough...lol.
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